CDQ Connie Doolan Quartet
Connie Doolan Quartet
House Concert in Oakland
Sunday June 28, 7:30 P.M.

Julian is in town and we are performing at Charlie Fenton’s house near Lake Merritt
Please RSVP to

Julian Smedley, violin, viola and vocals
Mike Wollenberg, guitar
Steven Strauss, uke, bass and vocals
Connie Doolan, vocals

The Connie Doolan Quartet ( is a San Francisco Bay Area group comprising four veteran musicians who artfully blur the boundaries of folk and jazz, resulting in an intelligent and sensitive connection of the two genres. Their unique sound – characterized by strong vocals and smart instrumentation and arranging – is at once mature, emotionally aware and elegantly sexy, whether the band is performing a sultry standard from the American Songbook or providing a fresh, rhythmic take on an ancient Irish ballad.


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