Singers and guitarists are invited to come to class. You will pair up to work on song material that we will provide in jazz, blues and pop. We’ll cover intros and endings, rhythm and time, soloing, dynamics and conversational interplay. Each pair will perform their version of the song for class. Classes will  evenings in October and November from  7:00 to 8:45 p.m. at Connie’s house in North Oakland near Emeryville.

$125.00 for 4 sessions.

Please let me know if you would like me to reserve you a space.


CHRIS GRAMPP has been playing with jazz, blues, rock, and traditional bands, and as a solo guitarist, for over 25 years. He has studied with Tuck Andress, Warren Nunes, Davis Ramey, Howard Roberts, and George Barnes. He frequently teaches at CCMC and the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, and is a contributor to Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

CONNIE DOOLAN has been singing professionally for more than 30 years in numerous styles including swing/jazz, musical theater, cabaret, opera and folk. She performs and has recorded with Julian Smedley, Mike Wollenburg and Steven Strauss in the Connie Doolan Quartet. She teaches music and dance to children and teens has taught at various adult music camps including Lark In The Morning, Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, B.C Swing Workshop and California Coast Music camp.


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